Wholesale Information:

If you would like to add this service to your menu of services please contact me and I will come and give you a free demonstration on our wrap. This wrap is mess free, comes pretreated, and the active ingredients are all natural. No wetroom is required. 

Benefits of offering this service include:

Stand out from the rest of your competition. Set the bar. You will now be offering your clients a quick, mess free way to start to detoxify their body and tighten up loose skin. Not to mention healing of cellulite and inch loss. Offer your clients an alternative to surgical procedures.

Give your new stylists, massage therapists,  and estheticians a leg up. Keep them on board and excited to work for you by letting them offer the wrap to existing salon clients or new clients.  If they are making money, they will stay with you. 

What a great way to bring fresh patrons to your business. Word spreads quickly.

Your Cost:

There is a $35.00 fee to buy the rights to sell the wrap.

One box of wraps will cost you $49.00 for a box of 4 individually wrapped.

We also have fabulous Chin wraps for $37.00 a box of 4 individually wrapped.

We also have Firming Facial Wraps for $49.00 a box of 4 individually wrapped.  A must for Estheticians to offer! Very popular among the Baby Boomers.

The Defining Gel is the companion product to the wrap. This is a system. The results are immediate and progressive. In between wrapping,  the Gel is used to enhance and maintain results. Your cost is $38.00 for an 8 oz bottle. Retail is 69.00. This gel is nicknamed "Botox in a Bottle". It can be used all over the body.

How do I incorporate this wrap into my business?

I recommend the wrap service be sold as a series of 4 wrap services. These should be done every 72 hours or more, but no longer than a week between services. The Defining Gel should be sold to your client to be used on the days between wrapping.  Just image the up selling you can do while they are at your salon. You have them coming back every 3 days or so. Sell them an eyebrow wax or a facial or a bang trim or some quick highlights.

You can even put together a special "Pamper Me" kit including different services to accompany the wrap!

 You can use it as an add-on service. While your customer is processing put a wrap on her. It takes 3 minutes to apply. Charge about 40 dollars for it.  $40 dollars for 3 minutes work isn't bad! 

You can help build the business of your new stylists by letting them wrap people and then they can sell their other services to them.

You can make it a special full-service experience....while she is getting a facial or massage, put the wrap on her...you know, quiet music....steam the area first.....candles...aromatherapy...CHARGE ACCORDINGLY.  Call it something catchy and special...like the European Magic Wrap or whatever you want.

Wrap and go. They come in and get wrapped and that's it. 

They Purchase the wrap either individually for $35.00 or the whole box for $120.00.

Wrap them while they are waiting if you are running late....that way they don't feel like they are just sitting there wasting time. You can even have the receptionist or assistant do it...NO LICENSE REQUIRED!
Ask me about my referral service. I love to reward referrals!

Call Belinda at 661-713-1098 today!   Let's Give Your Business a Boost!

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