The Detox Inch Loss Wrap is Completely Safe and Effective

The Detox Inch Loss Wrap's concept of spot-slimming is based on complex science but is elegantly simple.  Unlike liposuction, the wrap does not remove adipose cells from a fatty area.  Instead, it promotes depletion of excess fat stored in adipose cells in the treated area.  As a result, engorged cells shrink back to their normal size.  The Wrap then facilitates burning of excess fat.  Targeted results can occur without any change in your eating and activity patterns (but of course results are faster and more sustainable when combined with proper nutrition and fitness program). The Detox Inch Loss Wrap approach complements most diet and exercise programs without any significant change in your sifestyle or daily routines.  Daily application of the Defining Gel followed by continued monthly applications of the wrap can bring you long lasting results. 

You can use a wrap no sooner than 1x every 72 hours because it takes that long for the fat burning and detoxifying to hit it's peak.  Any sooner than that and you'd just be wasting the wrap.  

The results are immediate and progressive.  The more you use them, the more you'll lose! And the inches stay away!

That's right. You heard me correctly. You can spot target any problem area from your chin, neck, shoulders, arms, tummy, back-fat, hips, butt, thighs, right down to your toes!

The Detox Inch Loss Wrap can be cut to fit any area that you'd like. A fat cell is a fat cell. The wrap is designed to detoxify the fat cell while toning and tightening and lifting the skin no matter which area you target.

The results you see here were achieved in less than 2 weeks!


This was at an Expo. 45 minutes!


The Detox Inch Loss Wrap...

This customer tried everything. NOTHING WORKED.

Really Works Wonders on Cellulite:

She got these fabulous results in just 4 applications once every 72 hours for 16 days.  This wrap is life changing.

How do I use the Wrap?

Measure in 3 different areas. Top, middle, and lower part of the section you are targeting. Mark areas with sharpie.  Apply the wrap, formula side down. Wrap the area in saran wrap, biker shorts, ace bandage or girdle, and leave on for at least 45 minutes.  You can even sleep in them if you’d like. Take off the wrap and rub in the remaining formula and discard the wrap. Then re-measure....the tape measure doesn't lie!!!!

Drink at least 8 oz of water while wrapping. Continue to drink 8-10 glasses of water for the next couple days ( we should drink that much daily anyway).

Wait 72 hours, then wrap again. This is the soonest you can wrap again. For economical reasons, people will wrap just once a week and still get great results!

 Target one area at a time. This means wraps abs (or whatever area you are targeting) every 72 hours until you get your desired results, then move on to the thighs ( you can wrap both thighs at same time or both arms at same time) and so on. 

Oh, if you gain inches, don't be discouraged this is a good thing... the toxins are being stirred up and if you drink your water-you'll lose those inches in the following days.!!!:)